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2021 Tokyo, Japan Exhibitors and Products

Stand rental

Exhibitors may rent a stand which includes simple and basic equipment.

Optional furniture is also available.

Basic Type


Economical stand with simple furniture

  Price (Tax excluded)
1 booth (9 sqm) JPY 125,000
2 booths (18 sqm) JPY 170,000
3 booths (27 sqm) JPY 245,000

Type A


Round shaped company name board attract the attention of visitors

  Price (Tax excluded)
1 booth (9 sqm) JPY 145,000
2 booths (18 sqm) JPY 195,000
3 booths (27 sqm) JPY 270,000

Type B


Front company name board and colored line  have a sharp impression

  Price (Tax excluded)
1 booth (9 sqm) JPY 150,000
2 booths (18 sqm) JPY 205,000
3 booths (27 sqm) JPY 287,000

Type C


Illuminated company name board and black wall panel have a feeling of high grade

  Price (Tax excluded)
1 booth (9 sqm) JPY 160,000
2 booths (18 sqm) JPY 215,000
3 booths (27 sqm) JPY 298,000

About Stand rental

*Consumption tax will be applied to the price decleard.
*Setting up / dismantling fee and transportation fee are included in the price.
*For exhibitors with more than 4 booths, please contact organiser.
*Booth cleaning service is included in all types of rental stand.
*For additional item requiremnt, please contact organiser.

Items included (for one booth)
Basic equipment
  • Octanorm Wall Panel System(White/H2.7m)
  • Needle-punch carpet, Halogen spot light (100W X 3)
  • Double Electrical Outlet up to 0.7kW, Power Supply Installation, Electricity Fee (up to 1kW)
  • Company name board, Booth Cleaning (18-20 July)
Optional furnishings
  • 1 reception counter (white), 1 chair; 3 display counters (white)
*The specifications may change without prior notice. 
* Please contact the organiser for more details.

Please click here for details of stand rental options.