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3 – 5 July 2013, Tokyo

Welcome to Thermotec!


Tadashi Tanigawa, May 2013 Chairman of Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association

Industries around the world are undergoing tumultuous structural changes. As the economies of Japan, Europe, and the United States remain sluggish, newly emerging countries, particularly those in Asia, have industrialised rapidly. The major market for us, the industrial furnace industry, is shifting to China, India, and Southeast Asian countries. Even under such a environment, the fact remains that Japan is the center of research and development for the latest industrial furnaces and thermal technology. Japan shall continue to lead the world with its superior technology. This event is, therefore, also an important opportunity to demonstrate leading-edge Japanese technology to the world.

As the theme of the sixth exhibition, we adopted “Environment, Thermal Energy in Future ~ Find out potential capability of thermal technology in the future.” We intend to spread the latest thermal technologies and energy conserving technologies around the world and suggest new possibilities for thermal technologies. The purpose of this event is to provide suppliers, users, and researchers of industrial furnaces and related equipment with a forum for exchanges and to help exhibitors expand business opportunities. Thank you for your understanding and support of the purpose of this event. I would also like to ask you for your active participation and cooperation.